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Trenchless Pipe Repair in DFW

Anytime there is a plumbing repair to be done, rest assured you have options. Combined with conventional excavation and repair/replacement solutions, Matrix Plumbing offers Non-Destructive Trenchless Pipe Repair as a cost-efficient alternative to traditional repairs.

How Trenchless Pipe Repair Works:

1. Pipe Inspection

Video camera inspection is used to see damaged pipelines.

2. Cleaning Pipes

Hydro and/ or mechanically clean the pipes. Sometimes cutting tools are used to ream the pipes fully.

3. Installation of Epoxy Pipe Liner

The liner is installed directly into your existing drainage pipes. The epoxy cures/ hardens to form a new structural line – basically creating a new pipe within the old pipe and is completely sealed! It does not matter if the old pipes had cracks, roots in the line, holes or even age deterioration. Basically, we look to see if a majority of the original pipe is intact for trenchless pipe repair to be successful.

4. Epoxy Curing Process Takes Place

Pipe liner takes about 12 hours to cure normally. Once it’s hardened, the liner is sealed and solid, locking out all of the old issues and forming a new surface.
Underground pipe repair systems
Matrix Plumbing provides a variety of specialized techniques to repair and replace piping systems located below foundations, underground or that are concealed and not easily accessible. We have combined re-piping and plumbing replacement alternatives with conventional repair methods to eliminate and minimize costly destruction to the interior of your home or building.

Got Cast Iron? Read this!

Homes built prior to 1980 contain original Cast Iron sewer or drain piping along with copper or galvanized water piping that naturally corrodes and deteriorates with time.

Eventually, this causes leaking sewer and water beneath the foundation of your home or in walls and ceilings. If the leaking pipes are left unchecked you could be looking at a real plumbing nightmare, easily costing thousands of dollars in repair, restoration and reconstruction.

Non-invasive Sewer drain leak repair and cast iron replacement

Matrix Plumbing Leak Detection Experts diagnose,  repair and replace concealed and below slab piping systems externally with no cosmetic damage to the interior of your home or business.  Any leak or line located below slab or foundation can be accessed from the exterior of the foundation via tunneling. Tunneling under from the outside is non-invasive to the interior of the home and is completely safe for the foundation.

Access holes are dug outside of the foundation and horizontal or directional tunneling below the foundation to expose the piping located directly below bathrooms and fixtures. The leaking or aged piping located below the bathrooms foundation is replaced with PVC and rerouted to outside of the house foundation. The main lines for the house are now routed through the yard to minimize costly and invasive excavation below the foundation. 

Expert Leak Detection Services


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Ouch! Water bill too high this month? You probably have a leak in your pressurized home plumbing system. Let’s find out what happened! By performing the meter test, you can find out how much water your home has lost to a leak.

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