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When you’re dealing with a suspected leak in the literal foundations of your house, you want the best team in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the job.


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Got Leaks?

The average home uses hundreds of gallons of water a day. Think about all the ways we use water in a home! Washing machine, dish washer, showering, bathing and everything in between means your home is dependent on plumbing. When a leak occurs, it is best you address this plumbing issue immediately. Call the trusted and experienced LEAK DETECTION EXPERTS at Matrix Plumbing. We provide comprehensive repairs to protect your home from serious water damage and more importantly, stopping the unnecessary costs of faulty plumbing.

Matrix Plumbing know how stressful foundation leak problems can be on a homeowner, because we’ve been there too. We’re ready to work with you to locate, stop, and fix concrete slab foundation leaks before they can do real damage to your home.

Where is the leak and how bad is it?

Got a LEAK? Leak testing and inspection is VERY specialized. The team of Leak Detection Experts at Matrix Plumbing not only are trained and specialized solely in leak detection and repair, but also are insurance adjusters favorite choice to find leaks in and around homeowner’s homes. We use the most modern techniques and highest standards to find and fix these plumbing leak nightmares. So What’s in a “Leak Test?” 

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing: This type of test is performed on the sanitary sewer system of your home. Using an inflatable ball that is inserted into the mainline sewer clean out, the plumber will inflate the ball to plug the sewer line. The leak detection expert then fills the sewer system with water up to the level of the slab, for 10-15 minutes and just watches what the water level does at this point. If the water does not rise to the slab or the water level goes down, you have a leak in the sanitary sewer system. The leak detection expert will then identify the leaks by using a video camera, static leak isolation and general inspection of the pipe. A camera is put into the system through several areas including cleanouts, toilet drains, even the vents on your roof! Knowing the depth of the plumbing pipe and having the camera both assist the plumber to locate the issues in the system which can be related to breaks in the line, clogging, old and deteriorated pipes.
  • Water Leak Detection: Once we narrow down the location of the leak or leaks to specific areas, we are then able use tracing equipment to detect the exact spot of the leak.
  • Static Isolation Testing: Static leak isolation is a method of testing that utilizes a combination of location methods, generally to find leaks in different areas of the plumbing network. Using a camera along with the hydrostatic pressure testing, the leak detection expert will “isolate” where the issues are in the sewer system. Matrix Plumbing also uses a unique digital program that creates a diagram of the plumbing sewer system for the home in real time!
  • Video Camera Inspection: Video camera equipment is used to perform sewer or drain camera inspection of the sanitary sewer system. This is an infrared camera and it is inserted into the plumbing system through roof vents, toilet drains, even cleanouts to observe and study the sub-slab drain system. By using the infrared camera, the obstructions, stoppages, breaks, or deteriorated pipes can be determined. 

Do you have leaking plumbing?

Signs you may have a plumbing leak in your home

Damaged Floor:  When a leak occurs, water can seep very slowly under your floors, tiles and of course your slab. Eventually, this will cause the foundation of your home to crack and even cause mildew which is extremely troublesome.

Home Wall Damage: Plumbing is all over your home and yes, in your WALLS! A water leak related to damaged or poorly installed plumbing can cause damage to your interior and exterior walls.

Wet and Mildew Issues: A leak left unfixed can lead to pooling water. Leaving pooled water like this in your home can be hazardous to you and your family.

Wasted Water Costs $$$: Water leaks that are not properly repaired will NOT go away! Not only will you see a dramatic rise in your water bill, but also wasting water like this is a potential environmental hazard.

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Finding the Leak

Serving The Hurst and greater Dallas/Ft Worth area with pride and care. You deserve fast, efficie nt plumbing service from a team of professionals that have your best interest in mind.

What Are The Signs Of A Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are a real homeowner nightmare, but if detected early by a knowledgeable leak detection expert, are easier to deal with, potentially saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If you’ve been experiencing any of these telltale signs in your own home, give yourself peace of mind and call one of our leak detection Dallas experts as soon as possible:

  • An unusually high water bill without any known cause.
  • Sudden hot or cold spots appearing in your home, particularly on lower/basement levels.
  • Water or moisture suddenly appearing in the home, particularly on lower/basement levels.
  • Wet, spongy carpet or linoleum without an obvious cause.
  • Low water pressure in the shower, laundry, dishwasher, or elsewhere in the home.
  • Hot water running out more quickly than it has in the past for no reason.
  • Sudden dirt or debris around the internal or external foundation of the house.
  • Rust appearing on metal fixtures on or around the lower and basement levels.
  • Soft spots in the yard without other obvious causes (moles, snakes, etc.)

While these are some of the more well-known “red flags” for determining a slab leak has occurred in your home, this isn’t a comprehensive list. The fastest way of finding and stopping any water leak detection is with a thorough professional examination by a licensed, insured leak detection Dallas expert. If you suspect you’ve sprung a leak in your home, be aware that the longer you wait to address it, the more severe the potential damage to the foundation of your leak detection Dallas tx home.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

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Slab cracks and water leaks are a common fear among homeowners in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, but the vast majority of them occur due to uncontrollable conditions. Slab leaks happen when the piping embedded in your home’s concrete foundation develops holes, wear spots, or outright cracks, causing the escaped water pressure to seep through and damage the slab itself. This can happen due to inherent weaknesses in the pipe, improper initial installation, the chemical composition of your water wearing down pipes, and generic rust and deterioration leak detection Dallas tx.

Unlike a lot of home maintenance, the health of your slab-embedded plumbing isn’t something an average homeowner can detect at a glance. Upkeep and diagnosis of these important plumbing components requires the careful eye of a trained leak detection expert, and the potential cost savings of prevention are a huge benefit for careful homeowners on a budget.

The High Costs of Ignoring a Slab Leak

The unpleasant truth is that a slab leak never “repairs itself” or “just goes away.” In fact, by the time you’ve noticed even the most subtle red flags, the problem has already progressed to a concerning level. Without addressing it immediately with a licensed, insured leak detection Dallas expert, the bills will continue to mount, and your home will be in serious danger.

Uncontrolled, un-repaired slab leaks lead to:

  • Foundation issues – the structural integrity of your walls and even your roof may become unstable.
  • Swelling of floors and walls and unsightly “bubbling,” particularly when a barrier like latex paint is present.
  • Mold and mildew, which will cause respiratory and allergy issues with occupants of the home.
  • Serious complications when selling, renting, or re-assessing the home for tax purposes.

Delaying inspection or repair can potentially cost a homeowner hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. Don’t let complacency cost you more money and effort in the long run – your foundation should be the only thing sitting, not your slab leak issues!

Insurance Claims and Slab Leaks: Call us before the claim!

At Matrix Plumbing, we work with most insurance companies and would be happy to assist you with the claims process to get your slab leak diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible with little or no out-of-pocket-cost. Before submitting a claim, let our leak detection experts assist you in determining what you should file as a claim and what is not insurable, and looking at your deductible as well. Matrix Plumbing understand how stressful the situation can be, and we’re here to help walk you through the paperwork and documentation for the best possible outcome. Remember – it’s in everyone’s best interests (including your insurance company’s) to fix your slab leak quickly and prevent further damage to your leak detection Dallas tx Hurst area home.

Slab leaks are exactly the kind of issue that homeowner’s insurance is designed to assist with, so call us first to make sure you’re getting the value you should be getting out of your homeowner’s policy. Matrix Plumbing not only offer expert guidance in Tarrant county slab leak insurance claims, we’ll also assist with financing options to help you get the repairs you need on a budget that works for you.

Providing The Best Leak Detection Fort Worth Residents Trust

If you’re out of slab leak repair Dallas options, and you’ve set your sight on damage control for the foundation leak in your home, we at Matrix Plumbing are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

Have you been noticing that the floor of your home feels particularly damp and moist, yet you can’t seem to figure out why? You just might be dealing with a slab leak. This happens when there is leakage from pipes buried beneath the foundation of your house. Over time, the water will actually seep through cracks in the concrete, and eventually make it into your floorboards or carpet, which is why you feel the dampness beneath your feet as the leak spreads.

These leaks are often small to begin with and will only show themselves when it’s already too late, unless they are detected by the eye of leak detection professionals who know what they are doing. So if you’re searching for the best leak detection Fort Worth  residents trust to find the cause of your slab leak, then Matrix Plumbing is at your service!

Matrix Plumbing offer classic American leak detection that never fails. Our leak detection Dallas tx services range across every facet of plumbing, but one problem with which we are well acquainted is in the area of water running into the soil from the leak in your pipes. These leaks are silent devils because most people wear shoes around their homes, and the use of carpets and other floor ornaments often means that you won’t notice the moisture spreading until there is standing water in your home. If you notice any of these signs, call us immediately!

Slab Leak Detection Fort Worth Families Rely On

As a company that provides slab leak detection Fort Worth residents trust, our technicians and plumbers throughout DFW have made it their job to find every leak before it becomes worse.

With our vast understanding of slab leaks, we know not to use copper piping in a building because it is very prone to corrosion especially when buried beneath the foundation of  that property. Unlike easily accessible plumbing pipes, this service usually means we have to repair what is most times just bad construction, because many house builders often do not pay attention to the condition of the piping they lay, and sometimes even lay bent or crooked pipes which affect the pressure of water flowing through it leak detection Dallas tx. In turn this eventually causes leaks that can turn to into a an even bigger problem.

Water bills are also affected because they keep rising even when you’re conservative with your water usage. There may be times that the shower that doesn’t pack the same punch anymore and you can’t just figure out why. That is a possible sign that a pipe somewhere is leaking pipe and if you can’t find any visible leakages in your pipes, then it’s time to turn your gaze downwards. To there’s the telltale damp floor, then you need to call a professional for pipe leak to accurately evaluate the situation and the best means for any needed leak detection Dallas tx repairs.  

Signs Of a Gas leak Fort Worth Families Should Be Aware Of

At our leak detection Dallas tx office, we believe that more is less. Just like many companies out there, we want to turn a profit, yet the amazing reviews we receive as a result of the good work our team does assures us that the plumbers we employ are each  a master plumber.

The State of Texas and the areas of Fort Worth, North Richland hills, Keller, Watuaga, etc are all parts of Texas that we service. This means we have seen enough slab leak repair Dallas and collected enough data and information to ensure that the slabs we check for leaks will most likely have them.

One of the things we are good at is providing excellent customer service. We love the idea of being a family even though we work for you, and that is why we care about that leak and about the damage it could potentially cause to you.

There are many signs of a gas leak Fort Worth residents should be aware of, and we are here to help let you know what those are. Matrix Plumbing are the best plumbing company in the Metroplex at detecting slab slab leaks and we believe in offering fast solutions as they have the potential to cause serious harm to your home. 

If you or anybody you know is suspicious of a gas or slab leak in your leak detection Dallas tx home, call Matrix Plumbing today to speak with an expert from our team!

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