Clogged Drain Near Me

My Drain Clogged?

Clogs in your drainage pipes are incredibly frustrating, and the first step to preventing and treating them is researching why they occur in the first place. Like many maintenance issues, there isn’t a single specific cause, but there are common factors in many drain lines clog situations. If your Hurst-area home’s water is draining slowly or not at all, these may be to blame:
  • Tree roots on your property have pierced or impeded a drainage pipe.
  • Hair has accumulated in your drainage pipes, tangling into a clog.
  • General wear and tear on pipes has caused a rough surface that accumulates debris.
  • Small objects (ie toys, Qtips, hygiene products, paper towels, gum, excessive toilet paper may have fallen into the drain.)
  • There may have been ground settling or foundation movement in or around your home’s pipes.
  • Extreme weather or extreme weather changes can cause pipes to break, debris to clog pipes and drains throughout your home.
  • Drainage pipes may have been installed incorrectly when your home was built.
  • Grease, oil, and fat may have accumulated in your pipes (common in kitchens).
  • Chemicals poured down the drain can cause weakening and deterioration of pipes.

After inspection, your plumbing professional will be able to narrow down causes and offer fair price and suggestions for avoiding the issue in the future. This may include installation of different plumbing components, drain attachments, or even lifestyle changes to prevent additional clogs.


Types of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can occur in any room or place in your Dallas-Fort Worth area home where water is used. That means that homeowners need to be especially vigilant when they notice issues with slow or stopped bathroom drains. That’s because one clog can lead to others in a connected system, or point to a systemic issue that needs to be addressed.

Sewer – foul odors in the home or yard that persist, or seem to get worse in hot weather.
Faucet – water flows unevenly when the tap is turned on, or the water pressure seems weaker than normal.
Toilet – water backs up when the toilet is flushed, or seems reluctant / sluggish to flush completely.
Shower – slow drainage during or just after a shower, or water pooling up during a shower.
Bathtub – slow or stopped drainage post-bath, with standing water remaining in the tub too long.
Sink – slow or stopped drainage after doing the dishes or washing hands at any sink in the home.
Washing Machine – Clothes that feel dripping-wet as opposed to damp after a wash cycle.
Yard Line – Pooled water in the yard outside without explanation, especially near the main pipe.
Whole House – Inexplicable reduction in water pressure or whole-house drainage slowdowns.
Kitchen – Slow drainage at the sink or standing / pooling water in the dishwasher.
A/C Condensation Line – Water dripping inside the home, just beneath or around an air conditioner duct or unit.

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, chances are you have a drain clog. You’ll need to address the zip code it as soon as possible to avoid doing damage to your home or your plumbing system, as additional water pressure can force a clog deeper and make the problem worse.

In short, no – you should not attempt to clear your clogged drain yourself. While the water pipes in your Fort Worth home are built to be durable, they are designed for the passage of water only in the temperatures allowed by your plumbing and water heater system, not:

  • Boiling water.
  • Baking soda and vinegar.
  • “Drain cleaners” like Liquid Plumber, Drano, and others.
  • Bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Using these methods can actually cause a great job deal of damage to your pipes, potentially weakening connections or even causing pipe erosions and holes that lead to leaks. This can lead to very expensive plumbing repairs down the road, so avoid the issue entirely and save yourself money: call Matrix Plumbing to fix the problem the right way, the first time.

When one of our licensed, insured drain cleaning professionals is on the job, you’ll know that your plumbing is in the right hands – no baking soda needed. With decades of collective troubleshooting experience and tools made to work with your pipes – not against them – you won’t have to worry about damaging your system when sending clogs on their way.

Once your stubborn drainage clogs are cleared, we’re also happy to make suggestions and recommendations as needed. At Matrix Plumbing, we not only want to fix your plumbing problem sign up for free today, we want to be the plumbers you trust for future needs, too. We’ve been working with your friends and neighbors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for years, and thrive on word of mouth: that means we count on the opinions and recommendations of gurgling sounds valued customers like you.

Clogged Drain Near Me

Clogs in your drainage pipes are incredibly frustrating, and the first step to preventing and treating them is researching why they occur in the first place. There are a few common causes of clogged drains, such as excess grease, debris, or hair. If you can identify what’s causing your clogs and take steps to prevent it, you’ll be much less likely to experience them again regular maintenance.

However, if you do experience a clogged drain, don’t panic! A plumber can help solve any plumbing issue, big or small. In fact, most plumbers are more than happy to help resolve any drainage problems you may be having. So if you’re dealing with a clogged drain near me, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll have your drainage system up and running in no time free project cost information!

It’s important to take care of any plumbing problems as soon as they arise, as they can quickly become bigger (and more expensive) issues. Clogs are often an early sign of a much larger problem, so don’t wait until your sink or toilet is completely backed up before seeking help! Contact a plumber near me today for more information on how they can help solve your plumbing issues.

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